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Powerwolf, 12 September 2024

  Gig of Powerwolf Sep 12, 2024 in Philadelphia, PA
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About concert Powerwolf in Philadelphia, PA

The concert of Powerwolf with band Unleash The Archers will take place on Sept. 12, 2024 at The Fillmore. Do not miss the opportunity to buy a ticket for Powerwolf in Philadelphia, PA in advance.

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About Powerwolf

Powerwolf is a German power metal band created in 2003 by Charles and Matthew Greywolf. The group is notable for having dark themes and images, both musically and lyrically, both counteractions to traditional power metal music and including usage of corpse paint, gothic-tinged compositions and songs about Romanian werewolf and vampire legends and dark religious tales.
"Matthew Greywolf" at Rockharz Open Air 2016
"Charles Greywolf" at Wacken Open Air 2015
"Falk Maria Schlegel" at Rockharz Open Air 2014

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