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Barvy Léta Festival 2024

Sat, July 13 2024
20:00 (local time)

  Barvy Léta Festival 2024

About festival Barvy Léta Festival 2024

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About the festival headliner - Firkin

Formed in 2008, Firkin burst onto the scene, ready to redefine the vibrant and untamed landscape of Irish-Punk music. The band, named with the spirited exuberance of phrases like "Firkin full of beer," "Firkin' hell," or simply the essence of "Firkin" in the soothing yet powerful embrace of Celtic tunes, has captured hearts far and wide.
Originating from humble beginnings in a less affluent neighborhood, Firkin started as a group of friends making music for sheer enjoyment. To their surprise, their sound resonated with a much broader audience than they ever anticipated. Their backgrounds are diverse, spanning classical music, jazz, theater, literature, and rock'n'roll. Yet, they chose to focus their eclectic talents on something seemingly more straightforward but profoundly captivating—the raw, unpolished charm of Celtic punk-rock.
Firkin represents a fusion of varied artistic paths, converging into a band that champions the raw energy, ruggedness, simplicity, and allure of their chosen genre. In Firkin's world, a violinist is free to leap about, unbound by the stringent formalities of classical music. The bassist's vibrations fill the air, the theatrical director, and the lyricist engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, their spirited vocals competing in harmony. Meanwhile, the flutist moves with his instrument, unencumbered by the critical gaze of traditionalists.
This collective ethos shapes Firkin's mission—to deliver an electrifying performance at every show, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. Their goal is simple: to ignite the stage with the fervor of a "Firkin' hell" of a performance, no matter where they find themselves.

Barvy Léta Festival 2024 line-up

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