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Arnemoen 2024

Fri, May 31 2024
12:00 (local time)
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  Arnemoen 2024
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About festival Arnemoen 2024

​Arnemoen 2024 will take place on 31.05.2024​  at Arnemoen Gård in Ringebu, Norway​. You can read information about the upcoming festival and find out the address of the festival venue.

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About the festival headliner - Slomosa

Haling from the west of Norway, the four-piece Slomosa has been making waves across borders. With their heavy sound the band coined their own genre - Tundra Rock - inspired by the American Desert scenes of the '90s. Influenced by bands such as Kyuss, Elder and Black Sabbath, their music is both heavy and groovy at the same time, with raw vocals and thunderous guitars.

Growing up in a part of the country where high mountains and wild nature surrounds one, the group eventually came together in Bergen - coined by many as "the music capital of Norway". After their debut concert late 2017, the band got signed despite not having released any music.

After building a following through extensive gigging in their hometown, the band started working on their debut album. In October 2019, their first single, Horses, was released on all platforms, to much acclaim. The Song premiered on national radio in Norway, with a notable Norwegian music journalist claiming it to be "…some of the best rock he'd heard the last years".

Their two following singles - There is Nothing New Under the Sun and In My Mind's Desert - further contributed to the band's growing hype, with Spotify listing their music on their officila Stoner Rock playlist. Both Singles further showcased Slomosa's unique ability to merge heavy riffs with catchy songwriting, catching the attention of rock fans all over the world.

In late august 2020 the band released their much anticipated self-titled debut album Slomosa

Arnemoen 2024 line-up

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