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Spanish Love Songs, 24 May 2024

Fri, May 24 2024
19:30 (local time)

  Gig of Spanish Love Songs May 24, 2024 in Sydney

About concert Spanish Love Songs in Sydney

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About Spanish Love Songs

Spanish Love Songs, an emo and punk rock ensemble from Los Angeles, features Dylan Slocum (Guitar and Vocals), Kyle McAulay (Guitar), Trevor Dietrich (Bass), Ruben Duarte (Drums), and Meredith Van Woert (Keys). The band was initially formed by Dylan Slocum, Gabe Mayeshiro, and Ruben Duarte, following the breakup of their prior group. They soon expanded their lineup by adding Kyle McAulay as a guitarist, found through an online advertisement. McAulay, who also worked at a recording studio, played a pivotal role in the production of their early music.
Shortly after McAulay joined, the band began recording their first tracks and made their live debut in August 2013. Over the following year, while juggling their day jobs, they not only performed live but also worked on their music, eventually evolving their initial EP into a full-length debut album. They released several previews leading up to the digital release of "Giant Sings the Blues" in March 2015 on their own label. That year, they supported acts like Good Riddance and The Flatliners, gaining momentum and exposure.
In 2016, their efforts paid off when Wiretap Records reissued their debut album, adding a few more tracks. This period also marked the beginning of their work on a second album. Their music started to reach audiences in Europe thanks to Bearded Punk Records, and the band embarked on their first European tour, solidifying their presence both domestically and abroad with performances throughout the United States.

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