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Fontaines D.C., 19 June 2024

Wed, June 19 2024
19:00 (local time)
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  Gig of Fontaines D.C. Jun 19, 2024 in Poznań
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About concert Fontaines D.C. in Poznań

The concert of Fontaines D.C. will take place on June 19, 2024 at TAMA.

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About Fontaines D.C.

In the heart of Dublin's bustling music scene, five college students formed what would quickly become one of the most electrifying bands in the modern post-punk landscape. Fontaines D.C., born in 2017 out of a shared affection for poetry and an earnest desire to embody the spirit of their city, has surged from local stardom to international acclaim in just a few years. Their story is not just one of musical evolution but of capturing the zeitgeist of contemporary Dublin and echoing it back to a global audience.

Origins and Musical Genesis

Fontaines D.C. was formed by Carlos O'Connell, Conor Curley, Conor Deegan III, Grian Chatten, and Tom Coll. Meeting at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in Dublin, they were initially united by their love for literature and quickly channelled that passion into music. The band's name itself is a nod to The Fontaines, a nod to their literary leanings, with the "D.C." denoting Dublin City as a homage to their roots.
Their early music was characterized by a gritty, raw sound that harnessed the energy of punk with the complexity of more lyrical and introspective rock. They gained initial traction with singles like "Liberty Belle" and "Boys in the Better Land," which became anthems of a new era for Dublin’s youth, bristling with both affection and critique for the city that raised them.

Big Break

When Fontaines D.C. put out their first big record "Dogrel" in 2019, it was a big deal for them. It got a lot of praise and even got them in the running for the famous Mercury Prize. People loved this album because it had strong words and a clear, powerful sound. It showed what life in Dublin is like in a way that people everywhere could understand. Songs like "Big" and "Roy's Tune" gave us a look at city life that felt both very personal and very wide in reach.
Their next albums, "A Hero's Death" and "Skinty Fia," kept building on this. They dug into ideas of who we are, worrying about life, and how hard it is to match what we want with what others expect. Each new record showed growth in their music. They made their sound cleaner but held on to the strong feeling and sharpness from their first time out.

Sound and Roots

The music of Fontaines D.C. is mainly like post-punk, but you can also hear indie and garage rock in it. Grian Chatten’s way of singing – pushy, almost like he's talking right at you – is what drives their songs. The music behind his voice is full of non-stop beats and guitar tunes that are catchy and clear. They take bits from all over, from The Pogues to The Strokes.
With their lyrics, the band stands out because they look inward and are like poetry. They think about the big changes in their city and the wide, deep questions of today. Their music doesn't just make you listen – it makes you think along with them, giving you room to step back and reflect even when everything is moving fast.

The 2024 Tour: A Testament to Growing Popularity

Looking ahead to 2024, Fontaines D.C. is embarking on a major tour that underscores their rising stature in the global music scene. This tour is anticipated not only by their fans but also by critics and newcomers alike, eager to witness the band’s raw and compelling performances live. The rapid sell-out of concert tickets is a clear indicator of their popularity, as venues across cities quickly reach capacity soon after ticket releases.
The 2024 tour promises to be an immersive experience, showcasing the band’s dynamic range and live energy. Fans can expect a setlist that spans their entire discography, from the early hits that defined their sound to the latest tracks that showcase their evolving artistry. The live performances of Fontaines D.C. are known for their intensity and authenticity, delivering a connection that recorded tracks can only hint at.


Fontaines D.C. represents more than just a musical act; they are a cultural phenomenon that encapsulates the spirit of a generation.
As they continue to chart their path in the music industry, Fontaines D.C. remains a band to watch, not only for their musical contributions but for their ability to resonate deeply with a diverse, global audience. In capturing the essence of Dublin and translating it into a universally relatable form, they have created a lasting impact that extends far beyond their initial post-punk label.

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