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Hämatom, 30 August 2024

  Gig of Hämatom Aug 30, 2024 in Gelsenkirchen
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About concert Hämatom in Gelsenkirchen

The concert of Hämatom will take place on Aug. 30, 2024 at Amphitheater. Do not miss the opportunity to buy a ticket for Hämatom in Gelsenkirchen in advance.

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About Hämatom

Hämatom (German for Hematoma) is a German metal band that formed in 2004 in Franconia. Hämatom developed their style from Neue Deutsche Härte.
The band concept is based on forming a unity between musical and visual elements, leading to the idea of naming the bandmembers after the four cardinal directions and incorporating intricately designed masks. In the early years their German lyrics were influenced by European fables, which in time and with the progression of the band transitioned to themes based on societal, religious and socio-critical issues.

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