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Skiltron, 24 April 2022

Sun, April 24 2022
19:00 (local time)

  Gig of Skiltron Apr 24, 2022 in Ulm

Gig of Skiltron in Beteigeuze

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About Skiltron

Skiltron is an Argentinian folk metal band formed in Buenos Aires in 2004 by Emilio Souto. Skiltron are considered one of the few Southern American metal bands to fuse heavy metal and Celtic music, a style usually more common in many parts of Europe. They are also well known for incorporating bagpipes into their music. The name "Skiltron" derives from a variation of the word schiltron, a formation used by the Scottish during the Wars of Independence.

Starting with a 3 song demo in 2004 called Gathering the Clans, the band released their full length debut album The Clans Have United in 2006 through the European Record label Underground Symphony. This was followed by their second album Beheading the Liars in 2008, and their third album in 2010, The Highland Way, with each album continually building on the band's unique style and sound. Their most recent album is Legacy of Blood, released in 2016, released by Trollzorn Records.

Most of their early live concerts took place in Argentina, sharing the stage with bands such as Grave Digger, In Extremo and Korpiklaani, with whom the band shared a South American tour in 2010. They made their debut playing in Europe in the UK in 2012, where they were joined by Sabbat and Skyclad singer Martin Walkyier as a guest.

After the release of fourth album Into the Battleground in 2013 the band started to tour Europe regularly, playing festivals such as Wacken, Bloodstock and more. They were thus able to share the stage with bands such as Judas Priest, Slayer, In Flames, King Diamond, Avantasia, and more. The release of their latest album in 2016 was followed by a European tour, where they played 50 shows in two months in twenty countries. They toured the UK alongside pirate metal band Red Rum. In early 2017 they played for the first time in Japan, sharing three shows with German bands Equilibrium and Suidakra.

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