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Город 312, 23 June 2022

Thu, June 23 2022
20:00 (local time)

  Gig of Город 312 Jun 23, 2022 in Moscow

Gig of "Город 312" in Urban

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About Город 312

Gorod 312 (Russian: Город 312) is a Russian-language band from Kyrgyzstan, formed in 2001. In the beginning of their career the band’s name was “Mangra,” but then they changed it to “Gorod 312,” which means “City 312” in Russian. 312 is the area code of Bishkek, the city in Kyrgyzstan they came from. The band became famous in 2005, the year they released their first album 213 dorog (213 дорог, “213 roads”). The name of this album is the band's name spelled backwards.

In 2006 they released their next album Vne zony dostupa (Вне зоны доступа, “out of range”); In the next 2007 year they released their following album Obernis’ (обернись, “turn back”); In 2009-2010 they tour in USA, Belgium, Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands. In 2010 they film first in Russia 3D clip for a song “Pomogi mne” (Помоги мне, “Help me”).

Among others, Gorod 312 won two Golden Gramophone Awards for their songs.

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