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Propagandhi, 13 May 2022

Fri, May 13 2022
19:00 (local time)

  Gig of Propagandhi May 13, 2022 in Saskatoon

Gig of Propagandhi in Amigos Cantina

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About Propagandhi

Propagandhi is a Canadian punk rock band formed in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in 1986 by guitarist Chris Hannah and drummer Jord Samolesky. The band is currently located in Winnipeg, Manitoba[5] and completed by bassist Todd Kowalski and guitarist Sulynn Hago.

While their earlier work was aligned with the punk rock and skate punk tradition, in later years Propagandhi records have moved towards a heavier and more technical heavy metal-influenced sound. Both in their lyrics and hands-on activism, the band's members champion various left wing and anarchist causes and veganism, and have taken a vocal stance against human rights violations, sexism, racism, nationalism, homophobia, imperialism, capitalism and organized religion.

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