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Dethlehem, 19 September 2021

Sun, September 19 2021
19:30 (local time)
Concert of Dethlehem 19 September 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA

Concert of Dethlehem in The Crafthouse Stage & Grill

You have a great opportunity to see Dethlehem, on Sept. 19, 2021 at The Crafthouse Stage & Grill in Pittsburgh, PA.

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About Dethlehem

Dethlehem... a band of warriors on a quest to achieve maximum XP and deliver face-melting metal. When their home realm, Ghorusalem (Pittsburgh, PA), fell to an ancient evil, the group of heroes rose together to do battle under the cursed sky! Influenced by melodic metal, progressive rock, maidens in distress, epic solos, RPGs, delicious ale, and supple bosoms. A D&D campaign that came to life and formed a metal band.

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