Barón Rojo live concert, 18 April 2020

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Concert of Barón Rojo 18 April 2020 in Santiago

Concert Barón Rojo in Teatro Cariola

Barón RojoLa banda de heavy-rock española, Barón Rojo pondrá fin a su carrera y se despedirá por siempre de los escenarios chilenos el próximo sábado 18 de abril en el Teatro Cariola

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About artist Barón Rojo

Barón Rojo (Spanish pronunciation: [baˈɾon ˈroxo]) are a Spanish heavy metal band, who reached some international success in the 1980s. The band is led by siblings Carlos and Armando de Castro, previously from the band Coz, and it is considered one of the most important representatives of Spanish hard rock bands. "Barón Rojo" in Spanish is "Red Baron", the name of the band is an homage to Manfred von Richthofen, and the eponymous song "Barón Rojo" is about him.
They were ranked number 18 on Rolling Stone's "50 Greatest Spanish rock bands".

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