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Ovtlier 2023 Rock Gigs in
Upcoming events: 1
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Ovtlier 2023 Rock Gigs in
Upcoming events: 1

Upcoming gigs of Ovtlier for 2023-2024

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sun 14 Jan
Sun  19:00
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About Ovtlier

VTLIER is a rock project hailing from New York. Fuzing elements of Rock and Metal. Formerly known as "Young Bloods", charting the 2011 Billboard Heatseeker top 50. Starting at 45 and after two months, capping off at #16. As well as charting in every region, topping at #1 in the North East. Shortly after, they went back into the studio and came out with a new name, new face and new sound,"Ovtlier".