Strate Jak It

Strate Jak It 2021 concerts and gigs
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Gigs list of Strate Jak It in 2021-2022

Here you can find all upcoming Strate Jak It concerts. If the concert schedule is not right, please contact us and we will add a gig of Strate Jak It in 2021 or 2022 in our database.

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Strate Jak It 2021 concerts and gigs
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About Strate Jak It

Strate Jak It is a tenacious 6 member hardcore-fusion band that hails from St. Paul, Minnesota. Strate Jak It has been playing an important part of the regional music scene since 1997. The band continues to bring a unique and fresh perspective to today’s hardcore music by blending a fusion of metal, hip-hop, thrash and rap-core with their aggressive, in your face style. Strate Jak It is one of the pioneers of rap style metal and their tight, flawless performances are evidence of the chemistry and musicianship among the Strate Jak It members.

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